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Now I want to make this clear right from the start, obviously I am not every mother in the world, I am just one. While I can’t speak for each mother, sometimes simply being one, and being a woman, gives me some insight into the question; What do mothers really want for Mothers Day?

  1. Sometimes I think it’s more of what we don’t want- what we don’t want to do. For example, if there was a scrumptious meal plan created and cooked for me, I would be in heaven.
  2. We want to feel important and loved. While this sounds like the obvious, it’s achieving this that can be difficult- see next bullet.
  3. COMMUMICATION. This is where knowing and talking to your mother, wife, sister, etc. is essential. Honestly just feeling like we are heard and understood is the best way to feel important and loved.
  4. If you are honoring a mother of young children, don’t forget to include the children! Hearing my children tell me how they planned everything and seeing their excitement and creativity is the best!
  5. Don’t be afraid to start a tradition! I’m learning the role traditions play in our sense of community and selves and am slowly working towards creating new traditions for my family. We have had some trial and error, things I thought I’d want to make a tradition and realized, whoa…no, but I love when we find one we want to stick with.


Now, that I’ve shared the basic tips I have for planning a meaningful Mother’s Day, here are some actual ideas…


  1. Plant seeds in a tiny pot that you can watch grow together with your loved one. (I don’t have instructions for this as I’m trying this for the first time this year, and I’m not the best gardener.)
  2. Give a lavender detox bath gift set…AND if a mother of youngins, the time to use it!
    Instructions- use all, or a combination of these. There are no specific measurements needed. Just use a little of each, or what is recommended on the label. What do these ingredients do? Clay- draws toxins out of body, Magnesium Flakes- relaxes, Lavender oil- also relaxes, Apple Cider Vinegar- moisturizes (note- you can find this brand of apple cider vinegar for a better price in stores rather than online)

  3. Bake her a chocolate cake, recipe can be found HERE
    The dry ingredients are below (Notes- this is my go to chocolate cake recipe, but I keep it simple and don’t make the frosting. More notes-I have yet to find an organic blanched almond flour and organic, soy free chocolate baking bars- so I would recommend using Black and Greens 85%. I prefer grade B maple syrup to grade A).


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