Why am I giving away Enso Rings?

Well, I figured this would be easier than sending them back, just kidding- a little. I ordered the wrong size… twice. When I instantly fell in love I decided that instead of sending them back, I would give them away.

What are Enso Rings and what are they worth?

Enso Rings are silicone wedding bands meant to be much safer than traditional metal wedding bands.

If you are considering the worth of keeping your finger (ever heard of ring avulsion?), an Enso Ring is invaluable.

The actual price of the rings included in this giveaway (Enso Rings stackables) are $12 each.

Why do I recommend Enso Rings?

I have to give credit to my husband for finding silicone rings in the first place. He has looked for years now at trading in his metal wedding ring for a silicone one. I feel awful we didn’t do it sooner. There were no real close calls, at least none that he told me of, but metal wedding rings can be very dangerous in many work environments. Again, look up ring avulsions (beware of the graphic and disturbing content you’ll find).

Stones can, no- they do, scratch you children, yourself, and others. On a more annoying note, I’ve torn up every towel my traditional diamond metal ring came in contact with because the prongs and diamond would catch (I also did this plenty of times to my clothing). I finally got to the point where I wouldn’t even bother putting my ring on when I left the house because it was such a nuisance. It was pretty to look at but just not functional.

Who are Enso Rings good for?


If you use your hands, you could greatly benefit from wearing a silicone ring. They don’t have stones or prongs that scratch you children, others, or even your car (yes I’m pretty sure I did this once).

Recently, for the first time ever, I left my wedding band, my new Enso Rings stackables, on the entire day. I couldn’t even shower with my metal band on, let alone sleep with it on. Enso Rings made our recent vacation so much easier. They stayed on at the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, in bed, in the shower, evvvvvverywhere.

How do I wear the stackables?

I prefer two at one time rather than three. I think of it as one is the engagement band and the other is the wedding band.

I put the white one on and then the grey, or the white and then the peach, depending on how I’m feeling or my outfit.

I’m hoping they will come out with more natural color options soon. They do have an elements collection that looks more like traditional metal wedding bands, but I’d like more of a brown for an earthy look.

What exactly does the giveaway include?

  • Giveaway size 6 includes three size 6 Enso stackable rings. The colors, as shown in the picture above, are peach, misty grey, and white.
  • Giveaway size 7 includes three size 7 Enso stackable rings. The colors, as shown in the picture above, are peach, misty grey, and white.

Who can enter the giveaway?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid email address, and a valid mailing address (doesn’t have to be in the United States).

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS, type these 2 things in the comment section below to enter…

  1. You, or your loved one’s, ring size (either 6 or 7). You can find Enso Rings size guide here
  2. The date of your aniversary, or upcoming nuptials. Please use this format- May, 17 2017.

How will I choose the winner?

  • Remember there will be two winners, one will win all three size 6 rings, and one will win all three size 7 rings.
  • The person with the closest aniversary, or upcoming nuptials, to my anniversary (only considering month and day- not  year) will win (fyi, the above format date isn’t my anniversary). If there is a tie, I will take into account the year- the person who got married the closest year to my anniversary year will win. There is no under over nonsense. The same day is closer than the previous or day after, and the day after or before is closer than two days difference. I think you get the gist.

How will I announce the winners and send their prizes?

  • I will announce the winners via the comments section below. I will respond to your comment saying- you’ve won. I will then ask you to email me via with your mailing address. I will cover the shipping cost. I will not use your email or mailing address for anything but this particular Enso Rings giveaway (in other words, I won’t add you to any lists without your permission). I will notify you when your prize has shipped and ask that you notify me upon it’s arrival.


For any of you who aren’t a size 6 or 7, or who want to search for more color and style options, the complete Enso Rings lineup can be found HERE

And if you need them ASAP for an anniversary, proposal, or nuptial, all of the Enso Rings listed with Amazon are part of the Amazon Prime free 2 day shipping program.

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