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Here are the nontoxic, fragrance free products I use (in addition to white vinegar and peroxide). As always: this page contain affiliate links in which I earn commission from sales generated from these links. Rest assured that it comes at no further cost to you. Thank you!

Lavender soap– organic
Laundry soap– natural and gentle
Dryer balls– natural, helps with static and quickens dry time
My favorite essential oils: lavender– use for cleaning(great disinfectant) and homemade lotions: lemon–  use for cleaning (great in the laundry and for doing dishes)
Avocado oil– use for grease removal, cleaning, and cooking (higher temperature tolerance allows you to cook at higher temp)
Sea salt– no additives, not bleached- great for scrubbing iron skillets and of course, cooking
My favorite nontoxic dishsoap-works amazing, for stuck on food and grease use with the help of a little lemon oil, avocado oil, and a cotton rag
Nontoxic dishwasher powder– best bang for your buck
Nontoxic rinse aid– this helps when the dishwasher get stinky

Above Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash, below Photo by Catt Liu on Unsplash

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