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Last year I tried to make homemade Easter egg dye because the typical artificial egg dyes are very toxic (if you have ever colored eggs before, you know that the dye soaks through the shell, so you are definitely consuming it when you eat the egg). The whole experience was a disaster. This was not only my first time making my own dye, but my first time dying brown eggs. I had brown pastured eggs from a local farmer. Brown eggs don’t dye as easily, or the same color as white, and recipes for homemade food coloring don’t always work (at least the few I tried didn’t).

This year, however, was a success! A giant one!

I have been briefly searching, on and off, for all natural food coloring (i.e. food coloring made completely from food). If I did find a product it would have one ingredient added that I really was unsure of, and then the price! Whoa, some of them were outrageous. If I found one that I liked the entire list of ingredients, the reviews were awful- “spoiled before we got a chance to use them up” and so on. Recently, and I mean about only a week ago, I was searching again, ready to throw in the towel for the night, when all the sudden I found it! I can’t tell you how happy I was, how relieved I was, and how thankful I am to have found a company who not only makes egg dye one hundred percent safe and nontoxic, they make one hundred percent safe and nontoxic paint as well.


Natural Earth Paint was created when the quest for natural, truly nontoxic paint turned up empty. I know many companies, even Crayola, claim nontoxic, but it you have ever used them the smell would tell you otherwise.

The paint from Natural Earth Paint isn’t what you expect when you buy paint. Paint is always liquid, right? Not Natural Earth Paint. They come in a powder, as to not spoil. You create the liquid consistency that we all know as paint yourself by mixing the paint powder with water. I love this. It truly feels primitive to me, the way life should be.

The egg dye also comes in powder and you mix it with hot water.


In the pictures above we are using Natural Earth Paint’s Wooden Eggs Craft Kit and Natural Egg Dye. Both were a major success.

Wooden Eggs Craft Kit

  • There was no horrid smell; actually there really wasn’t much smell at all.
  • Cleanup was a breeze. These paints are a tad bit powdery when drying and came right off our hands and the floor but stuck to what we wanted them to.
  • The colors were so relaxing. They were so soothing to look at. My children have never stayed so occupied for as long as they did. Their faces and relaxation resembled the look they have when they play in the sand and mud outdoors.
  • The paint dries very fast, which made adding more designs with a second coat a breeze.
  • There is plenty paint in the Wooden Egg Craft Kit. We used the leftovers to finally do finger painting (I can’t wait to share my back story about this, but it will have to wait for a future post).

Natural Egg Dye

  • I think when it comes to egg dye, the eggs themselves show the best review. Take a look at the pictures at the top of this post. The four eggs on the left of the crate, in the middle picture of the above collage, are the straight colors of each of the dye packets. The others are mixes and experiments we did. After all isn’t egg coloring about playing around with colors, double dipping, and seeing how many different color hues you can get? I do have a few tips below.

I want to add, since it is rather close to Easter, that shipping direct from Natural Earth Paint was very fast, less than a week.


  • If you are using brown eggs, try to pick the lightest color brown eggs you have. Natural Earth Paint recommends using white eggs, but I don’t suggest buying white eggs unless they are pastured (it’s hard to find white pastured eggs). If you are buying store bought, Happy Eggs is the brand I recommend. They let the chickens run on pasture, but these eggs are all the same dark brown as the chickens they use are all the same breed. So, these may not work well at all for dying.
  • You can use the leftover Wooden Egg Kit Craft paint to paint boiled eggs.
  • If you have speckled eggs, green eggs, or dark brown eggs, rubbing coconut oil on them brings out their beauty without trying to dye them. You can see pictures of this process in the collage above. After rubbing the chosen eggs down with the oil, I wiped the excess off with a cotton cloth and they shined up beautifully. If they are too shiny, don’t worry the shine and slip will die down throughout the day, so be sure to do this ahead of time if you are featuring them at an Easter get together.


  • If you want a good egg boiling method- I fill the bottom of an enamel coated pot with eggs and fill it with cold filtered water until there is an inch of water from the top of the egg to the top of the water. I bring these to a boil and then leave it boiling for 12 minutes. Then, I cool them down with filtered water. This is the best recipe for getting eggs to peel easily. I’ve got to give a shout out to my sister who recommended this particular method! Thanks Little Sis!
  • If you can’t find local pastured eggs from a trusted neighbor or farmer, there is one store bought pastured brand that can be found at most supermarkets. Foraging on the land and grass, and hunting for bugs is what chickens were meant to do (not be cooped up and only eat grain). Happy Eggs are what you should look for if you must buy store bought. Look for their yellow compostable carton.





-They seem to be hit or miss for having Natural Earth Paint products, but if you need anything fast, Amazon Prime subscription gets you crazy fast 2-day shipping on plenty of items!



-This is my favorite pot I own. It is so stylish. The way the lid is created, you can cook things must faster than with other pots that leak a lot of the hot air.

-There are matching 6 quart and 2 quart sauce pots and pans.

-You may be able to find more color options through Bed Bath and Beyond or Lord and Taylor  



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