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When my family and I started eliminating toxic oils from our diet and lifestyle, I was so frustrated that there was no store mayonnaise made with healthy oil. I had found one with sunflower seed oil, but sunflower oil isn’t healthy. It might be less toxic than canola and hydrogenated oils, but not nutritious like nut and coconut oils. I tried recipe after recipe, all were a flop. I was trying to use a normal blender, which essentially should have worked, but it definitely didn’t. There were a few nights that were a mayonnaise disaster. During this time Primal Kitchen came out with their avocado oil mayonaisse. Everyone was raving about it, but I honestly didn’t like it. I will say the chipotle one is pretty good, just not the plain. I settled for mixing the plain Primal Kitchen mayonnaise with some of Annie’s Organic Mustard, but I still wanted to make my own.

Christmas saved the day. You see, I had been determined to make mayonnaise without an immersion blender. So, finally for Christmas last year I asked for one. Let me save you a kitchen full of an oily mess, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE HOMEMADE MAYO, YOU NEEEEEED AN IMMERSION BLENDER. If you don’t have one yet, give it up. Get one before you try this recipe. I know it may look expensive for just making mayonnaise but you can use it to do so much more than just make mayonnaise. I’m excited to show you more soon!

Premade avocado oil mayonnaise is pretty expensive, especially if you are just coming out of a relationship with Hellman’s or another vegetable oil brand. This recipe costs way less than a jar of any premade avocado oil mayo. By saving money on the actual mayonnaise itself, it won’t take too many batches of this recipe to break even on the money you spent for the immersion blender. Homemade is way tastier, and the immersion blender has led to a lot of amazing recipes in my life. I also really like knowing where exactly my eggs are coming from, that they are fully pastured, not just organic and cage free. Cage free doesn’t necessarily, or usually, mean pastured.



2 pastured egg yolks (you can save the whites for a paleo macaroon recipe!)
2 tsp fresh organic lemon juice
2 tsp organic white vinegar
1 tsp sea salt(be sure to get a brand that hasn’t been bleached and has no anti caking agents)
1 cup avocado oil

Immersion blender- use whisk attachment
Quart size, wide mouth mason jar
1 cup measuring cup with a pour spout (spout is essential)

Whisk the yolks, lemon juice, vinegar, and sea salt together in the mason jar until combined.

  1. While whisking, slowly pour the avocado oil down the inside wall of the mason jar. Keep whisking and pouring. It will gradually produce the creamy texture we all know as mayo!

-The quart size mason jar is the perfect jar for having enough splash room while keeping the whisking area small (essential for the emulsifying action that must take place). My immersion blender came with a plastic container about the size of a quart size mason jar but I prefer to use glass, and it dirties less dishes by mixing it in the container I store it in.
-I’m honestly not sure how long this recipe keeps, as it only lasts a few days in my house.



Don’t be afraid to be creative! Different batches will most likely come out slightly different, especially with different ripeness of lemons and the brand of avocado oil you use. I think I prefer Chosen avocado oil over Primal Kitchen avocado oil, but I’m still trying to figure this one out.

My favorite use of mayo is in egg salad!

If you want a good egg boiling method- I fill the bottom of an enamel coated pot with eggs and fill it with cold filtered water till there is an inch of water from the top of the egg to the top of the water. I bring these to a boil and then leave it boiling for 12 minutes. Then, I cool them down with filtered water. This is the best recipe for getting eggs to peel easily. I’ve got to give a shout out to my sister who recommended this particular method! Thanks Little Sis!

If you can’t find local pastured eggs from a trusted neighbor or farmer, there is one store bought pastured brand that can be found at most supermarkets. Foraging on the land and grass, and hunting for bugs is what chickens were meant to do (not be cooped up and only eat grain). Happy Eggs are what you should look for if you must buy store bought. Look for their yellow compostable carton.


WHERE TO BUY all this…

Quart Size Wide Mouth Mason Jar. My Favorite Spouted Glass Measuring Set

Celtic Sea Salt. Organic White Vinegar. Avocado Oil- Either Chosen Foods, Primal Kitchen, or Vitacost.


-Tip: Williams Sonoma often has a large discount code off one item and discounts for signing up for emails!

If you prefer to try some premade avocado oil mayo- try these: Primal Kitchen, Sir Kensington, or Chosen Foods.

And if you want to add a little more zing to your mayo, try Annie’s Organic Mustard.


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