Did you know there can be so many areas of life where we come in contact with toxins- things that cause harm to our bodies, the earth, and our way of life?

For years, I didn’t.

Every once in a while, I would think, man what’s in this- it reeks! I’d notice the headaches and the nausea, but in general I just pushed any symptoms aside with Tylenol (which by the way, I stay away from now). I dismissed any questions like this by asking myself- isn’t this what everyone uses, if it’s so bad why wouldn’t everyone know about it?


I had no clue. I didn’t know where to look or what to look for. I didn’t feel good, I often felt downright miserable, but it wasn’t until my first spell of debilitating anxiety that I started looking towards food for the answers. Correction, my mother did. You see, when I said debilitating, I meant barely able to function. I refused to take medicine because I couldn’t bare the thought of being even more drowsy than I always was. Food helped, but this still wasn’t the turning point in my life. I still didn’t know the right ways to use food to heal.

Fast forward to the evening when my oldest daughter, who was just two at the time, was sitting  on our new deck, using her Baby Bjorn potty (the only brand constructed low enough to the floor to put her body in the correct squatting position), trying to poop for the first time in an entire week. Yes, I mean this was day seven of no bowel movements. Her life had been filled with eating problems, vomiting because she was so constipated, and using Miralax and Karo syrup in her bottles because this is what the doctor told me to do. I turned down the use of acid reflux medicine and mineral oil even though these were prescribed as well. I tried counting her calories, but I hadn’t turned to my own research yet. Not enough of it at least. It was my daughter’s screaming cries and her first fissure resulting from that night that made me finally get determined to make drastic changes (even though I had no clue what those should be). With some diligence and determination, I stumbled across the GAPS Diet. This was it. This was our turning point.

Our entire family has benefited drastically from using food to heal our bodies, even things we didn’t know were bothering us. We eat a mix of Paleo and GAPS Diet legal food, and guess what, my oldest daughter has bowel movements every day. It wasn’t an instant fix, and we still run into problems here and there, but simply knowing the right way to evaluate what we eat makes fixing, and preventing, problems so much easier.


While I eliminated toxins in our food very abruptly, I took eliminating toxins elsewhere gradually and in spurts. It seemed like every time I thought I could take a break and relax, knowing I had done all I could to make our family healthy, I’d learn of another source of toxins. I had started thinking of toxins as not just things like chemicals, but as anything harming our body, and this, while necessary, just made the list of things to change longer. I started wondering if having a nontoxic life was even possible.

As I searched and searched, I realized I had to look at so many different resources to find even just one of the nontoxic products I was in search of. But eventually I usually found an amazing product that met my expectations.

Realizing key improvements that could be made for people searching for healthy… well…everything, inspired me to start Blossoming Existence. As I brainstormed names, I wanted something that allowed me to talk about a wide variety of things, not just healthy food but a healthy home, mind, soul, and family as well. I wanted to be able to write about anything that I felt might be inspiring or pose questions in my reader’s minds. This is how the name Blossoming Existence was chosen. I want to encourage, support, and inspire my readers not to just live life but to thrive, to live a blossoming existence- not just to exist.

I hope you’ll join me for inspiration to live life as it should be- natural, relaxed, safe, and honest.